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 To Our Loyal Customers,
 The Lob Cabin Bakery will be closed from November  2018 - May 2019.  We are moving the bakery to my Grandparent's homestead south of Kokomo, so we are busy getting our new bakery ready.  We look forward to seeing you again in June at the Tipton Farmer's Market.  Thanks for your patience!  We are excited about the move and being back on the family farm. 
The Log Cabin Bakery At Plainview Farm                       Opening June 2019 


Chocolate Buttermilk - $6  9" single layer
Vanilla Cream - $6  9" single layer

Honey Bun Coffee Cake - $5   7"  single layer

Angel Food - $8
Mini Coconut Pound Cakes - $3.00 for three
Pumpkin Rolls - $12 (seasonal)

Pies   Large  $13     Mini -$5.00

Fruit Pies:  Apple, Dutch Apple, Apricot, Apricot Blueberry Crunch Top, Blueberry, Blueberry Crunch Top, Cherry, Cherry Crunch Top, Peach, Peach Crunch Top, Rhubarb Crunch Top, Sugar Free in all fruit flavors (all subject to availability)   

Black Raspberry - $16 Large;  Mini $6.00

OtherPies:  Pecan, Tollhouse, Pumpkin, Sugar Cream
                   Large $13   Mini - $5.00

Available on request  


(Available September - February)

Caramels - $15/pound, $4 - 1/4 pound

Breads & Rolls

Cottage Rolls - $4.00/half dozen
Cinnamon Rolls - $5.00  7" pan

Other Specialties

Granola Bars - $1/package of two
Crunchy Granola - $1 package

Baked Oatmeal Mix - $3.00

Strawberry Jam, Grape Jelly, Apple Butter
        (Check for availability) $4.00

Fruit Slush Drink - available at market or by 1/2 gallon (frozen) 

Contact us at (317) 758-6052 or 





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